Save time

For some organisations, it makes sense to hire, train and manage a team of geographic information experts and invest in all the database and mapping software technology they’ll need.

For everyone else, there’s Mapcase.

A live Geofutures Mapcase as used by Which? Consumer Insight


For simpler data mapping, it’s tempting to think you can DIY, but the results won’t do you justice. Your time is valuable. Spend it doing what you do best.


Buy better, and spend your time wisely.


Mapcase demands no technical know-how to design, host, update or populate with data. You don’t need to worry about scaling for peaks in user traffic or keeping secure.

You don’t need to structure, analyse or publish data. And you don’t need to become a mapping expert either.

It’s all done for you, you can use our data, and all you need to do in paste a line of code into your website.

That doesn’t mean it’s a ‘technical’ purchase either. We’re here to understand what you’re trying to achieve commercially or strategically.

We’ll try to add value to your brief, suggesting what might be possible. We’ll take your instructions in plain English, we’re happy talking geek to your technical team, and we’ll implement your Mapcase for you.