Engage users

A great-looking map, highlighting your data, explaining your point, makes people stop and look. Even more importantly, it makes them play.

A Geofutures embedded Mapcase showing distribution of bookmakers by local authority


They zoom in, compare areas, click on active links. They see accompanying charts and metadata. They ask questions and make comments.


Want me to read something?
Or do you want me to get involved?


This is your user getting engaged with your information. They are using your data map to share your views, and sharing their own. You might be building a community of interest. You might be building customer loyalty.

There are many ways to send somebody some information. There are fewer ways to get them immersed in it, asking questions, sharing with others and taking action.

A Mapcase from Geofutures is a quick and cost-effective way to get your audience fully engaged with the data you want to share with them.