Why map data?

Bring data out of the shadows and you’ve got something that will get noticed. Simply by visualising data on a map, you make it real for people.

Average distance to work, southern GB, a Geofutures map


On a map, the people you want to influence can see the same patterns and trends you can see.

Do a bit more, like making maps interactive and searchable, add some analysis to raw data and provide some commentary, and you’ve got a business asset. It helps make your audience take notice.


What use is your data
if I don’t get your point?


It helps make them do what you want them to do: buy from you, value your advice, take on board your message.

At Geofutures, we’ve been helping organisations achieve this for over 12 years.

We started out spatially analyzing huge datasets for government, who were the only people who had huge datasets back then. As data has become more widely available, we’ve been doing it since for companies, consultancies and non-profits.

They’ve all benefited from engaging their users, maximizing their impact, gaining and sharing insight, and saving time and money.

We were early adopters of online mapping and our latest offer, Mapcase, is the product of long experience making interactive maps available for clients. It’s simple to set up, easy to use, and most of all engaging for your users.

It all helps to make your point.