Who we work with

Most of our customers fall into four main groups.


Policy makers and planners

Organisations using information to shape or follow policy, especially in the built environment and socio-economic domains.

With high volumes of data, complex questions and accountability for actionable insight, they have all relied on our proven statistical techniques and reputation for openness and accuracy.

Government departments and agencies including the Environment Agency, Dept for Communities & Local Government, Dept of Health, Office for National Statistics, the Audit Commission, Nat Cen and Transport for London have all sought the benefits of our data analysis and online delivery.

Organisations advising government and industry, such as the Responsible Gambling Trust and ESRC, have also commissioned in-depth data analysis to reveal drivers of consumer behaviour and the shaping of places and communities.


Campaigners and think tanks

People with a point to make using data, on their own or others’ behalf.

From food security to energy conservation, from gambling to town centre management, making a case demands information that gets people on side. We’re independent of any partisan organisation, but are happy to work responsibly with campaigners to provide objective and accurate analysis of available information.

We’ve worked with the Transition Network, Which? Consumer Insight, Somerset Community Food, the Campaign for Fairer Gambling, the British Council of Shopping Centres, the Energy Saving Trust, the London Climate Change Partnership, Channel 4, the BBC and the Guardian.

They have all relied upon Geofutures to provide robust data that’s easy for everyone to understand, to make data tell compelling stories.


Data users

Organisations needing to analyse their own or others’ data to make decisions.

From decisions about land banks and purchase locations, to isolating the impact of public realm and infrastructure investment on property values, these businesses recognised that robust data was needed, together with spatial analysis and the finest spatial scales.

Retail analysts like Turley Associates made use of mapped data to understand consumer patterns in relation to socio-economic data. Property companies Atis Real, Taylor Wimpey and Grosvenor Estates have all benefited from Geofutures’ analysis of their data, with the results delivered via easy to use online maps.


Data providers

Enterprises that collect, refine and sell information as their core business.

Organisations providing information as their core business need to maximise its value. Data suppliers such as The Local Data Company have called on Geofutures to help add even greater value to their data, making it readily accessible online with rich associated information.

Market research companies such as Ipsos MORI, and Snap Surveys have all made their research findings easier to understand and interpret via spatial analysis and online mapping.


Gambling modelling map