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With the best will in the world, a consultant’s report that’s big enough to use as a doorstop is not going to engage decision makers. At best, the executive summary might see the light of day, but getting people to feel involved in implementing its conclusions is a different matter.

A Geofutures embedded Mapcase showing distribution of bookmakers by local authority


Package those conclusions in an engaging, interactive online Mapcase and everyone can get on board.

Mapcase isn’t any old freebie map with points highlighted. It packages key messages, supporting graphics and user comments together with interactive maps. It can be used anywhere by anyone you give access to it, on a computer or mobile device.


You’re investing in data insight.
Don’t make the results a doorstop.


If your organization has invested in analysing data, exploring deep insights and revealing new information to shape your future, the results deserve a Mapcase.