Patterns of shops, patterns of play: insight into how space may relate to behaviour

We have been given the opportunity to re-visit some data generated for previous research into machine gambling in Britain. This data had the potential to uncover some interesting relationships between gambling and the spatial configuration of B2 machines within betting shops.

Little is currently understood about how, if machines are concentrated in certain areas, this may relate to the patterns of play of nearby residents.

Our analysis suggests that the spatial configuration of Licensed Betting Offices (LBOs) with B2 machines is important for highly-engaged loyalty-card holders. Problem gambling prevalence rates were higher among those living in areas of higher density LBO concentrations.

This risk factor may be explained in full by related factors yet to be investigated, including the characteristics of these local populations exhibiting similar spatial patterns. Whilst the correlation does not necessarily prove causation, this is the first time that research has confirmed this relationship.

The full report via the Responsible Gambling Trust can be accessed here.

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