Gambling-related harm: how local space shapes our understanding of risk

To identify gambling-related harm, geography matters.

This week we published our research for Westminster and Manchester City Councils, developing a local index to measure the risk of gambling-related harm. Supported by the Local Government Association the analysis aims to fill a current evidence gap surrounding who may be vulnerable and where they are likely to be, which will help better inform local area risk assessments.

Relevant population characteristics reveal a landscape of risk in both Manchester and Westminster. This standardised and flexible model can also be applied to other areas of interest.

Interested in the full methodology? Read the report here.

Councillor Nigel Murphy, Manchester City Council’s executive member for neighbourhoods, said: “People living with gambling problems do not draw attention to themselves, and the issue has been very hard for authorities to deal with because so little is known about who these people are.

“This is a cutting edge piece of research that has never been done before, and will enable us to understand who is at risk of developing a gambling problem and where these groups can be found. We will be able to use this information whenever we develop new policies to deal with gambling venues across the city.”

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