Where contextual data is needed to make a point, we’ll advise on how this can be presented for maximum legibility and impact at multiple scales.

Visualisation is more complex than you might think, but the right colours, symbology, zoom levels and default views can make your data full of impact and attractive to users.

A Geofutures map showing London property value uplift in the early 2000s

Some data demands graphics to maximize its impact. Mapcase creates live links between these and a map: click a bar of a graph to highlight the corresponding map area, for instance. It satisfies users with direct, clear messages and they can absorb a complex story quickly.


Draw your users in.


Presenting data effectively requires all these things to work for you. None of it will work, though, if it takes your users 30 seconds to download your map. Optimising the way visualisations are searched, stored and served is something we’ve perfected over years of experience, and we can ensure spikes in user numbers don’t crash your map either.