Choosing data

If Geofutures were a stick of rock we’d have ‘Data’ running right through the middle. We live and breathe published data, commercial data and clients’ own proprietary information.

A Geofutures 3D data visualisationof Bristol's Index of Multiple Deprivation

For you, this means the conversation about the data you need is more than a dull tick list. What’s out there? What’s possible? What could you do with an integrated dataset? What are its limitations? We ensure you can make a fully informed choice.

We offer a wide range of constantly updated, ready to map published data for the UK and its component nations, and a discerning selection of commercial data – all ready for you to incorporate.


Talk data to me.


Then you might need to present data you’ve collected for your own use. We’ll work with you to ensure it’s incorporated securely, anonymised where needed and processed for spatial analysis.

Inevitably, every dataset will present issues of completeness, currency and accuracy. We’ll help you mitigate these as far as possible, and advise on any limitations they place on data interpretation.