Mapping the future of food

Issues of Brexit and migration against a back drop of climate change is once again bringing the UK food supply into focus. Leaving the EU brings both an opportunity and a challenge to our food system.

As geographers we understand the importance of a holistic view for national food resource and security.

Previously we have carried out regional analysis in the South West, including foodshed modelling to quantify and visualise what a sustainable food resource may look like at the town and village scale in the context of the wider region. Our early involvement with a crowd sourced dataset to quantify and map areas of land in community use has added to a vital data resource which does not comprehensively exist at the national level.

Spatial analysis as well as data is important has an important role to play in giving us a complete picture of supply, demand and access to meet our future needs. Here we visualise some basic food resources across the country.


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