Maximise impact

A data map can look good. It can summarise complex information at a glance, highlighting what’s happening and where. It can enhance your reputation with a sleek, seamless view of your data.

Contours of the Index of Town Centre Activity for Bath, UK: a Geofutures map

Equally, it can look terrible. Free maps are free for a reason.  There’s a lot more to effective cartography than most people know, both statistically and artistically. Making it interactive and engaging takes more knowledge still.

Your map is so much more than a collection of points, and it needs the right expertise to make it tell your story.


Don’t just tell me, impress me.


Data mapping makes the data you know about more meaningful. It can also reveal hotspots and relationships nobody suspected before.

Published data, like Census data, and commercially available datasets can combine with your own information to uncover valuable new insight.

A Geofutures Mapcase looks the business, standalone or embedded in your website, carrying your branding and reinforcing the value of your expertise. Your users will see your point, trust your data and explore what it has to tell them. Impressive.