Who needs it?

Every organization uses data, but for some it’s fundamental to what they do. It’s this kind of enterprise that needs to get their expertise on a map, and fast.

A visualisation of fuel poverty in NW Englang, created by Geofutures


Most of our customers fall into four main groups. Find out the ways each are using mapping and data analysis to help them do what they do.


Do you need what we do
to help you do what you do?


Data users: organisations needing to analyse their own or others’ data to make decisions.
Examples: property developers, retailers and energy companies, and the consultants serving these sectors.

Data providers: enterprises that collect, refine and sell information as their core business.
Examples: data suppliers, market researchers, think tanks, broadcasters and publishers.

Campaigners: people with a point to make using data, on their own or others’ behalf.
Examples: industry bodies, political organisations and non-profits, and the PR firms and journalists publicizing them.

Policy makers and planners: organisations using information to shape or follow policy, especially in the built environment and socio-economic domains.
Examples: central and local government, lobbyists, planners, architects and consultants.