Web mapping

Draw your users in.

A Mapcase from Geofutures is a quick and cost-effective way to get your audience fully engaged with the data you want to share with them on a web map.

A Mapcase combines the familiarity of a blog-style website, the versatility of an online map and the interactivity of point-and-click links to additional information.

It’s easy to implement a Mapcase, choose the data you need and define how it’s visualised – for you. As you’d expect, there’s a lot going on in the background, but that’s our job. You don’t need to structure, analyse or publish data. And you don’t need to become a mapping expert either. It’s all done for you, you can use our data, and all you need to do is paste a line of code into your website.

That doesn’t mean it’s a ‘technical’ purchase either. We’re here to understand what you’re trying to achieve commercially or strategically. What makes Mapcase different from a DIY data map is the support you get in designing the perfect Mapcase: the data, the analysis and the way it’s presented for your users. Then there’s the seamless ease of publishing it online and maintaining it.

Mapcase demands no technical know-how to design, host, update or populate with data. You don’t need to worry about scaling for peaks in user traffic or keeping secure.

An example Mapcase can be seen below and here. Mapcases can be extended to include interactive graphs, charts and other functionality specific to your needs.

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