What’s in a Mapcase?

A Mapcase is a fusion of data, a blog and an interactive map, which allows you to tell a story of what’s happening.

UK consumer charity Which? used a Mapcase to illustrate how different regions of the UK were being affected by the squeeze on household spending power. You can tell the story in words, but how much more interesting and easy to understand when you can see it on a map.

Campaigning organisations, companies and information specialists all need to get their audiences engaged. Clicking on an active area of a Mapcase map, or scrolling through the accompanying text and graphics, an audience member is active and participating.

Blog-style comments allow them to enter the debate and interpret what the data shows. The user feels informed, engaged, and positive about the organisation providing the Mapcase.

Simple for users, fast and easy to set up, and keeping the complexity of analysing underlying data separate from interpreting results, Mapcases work for any organisation with a story to tell with their data.

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