Present your data like a pro.

Mapcase from Geofutures is the simplest way to provide a live interactive data map on your website. We do all the hard work, you just add a line of code to your site.

A Mapcase combines the familiarity of a blog-style website, the versatility of an online map and the interactivity of point-and-click links to additional information.


Present what’s going on across your area of interest. Introduce your comments, opinions and questions, and encourage users to comment in their turn. Provide additional data in graphics which link automatically to the map.

Simple, compact user tools mean you can pack your map with data without becoming overcrowded. Legends and metadata are easy to find but not obtrusive. And it’s all fully mobile responsive as you’d expect.

A great Mapcase presents your data to full effect, and presents you as the thoughtful provider of actionable insight.

Like Which? Consumer Insight, who used Mapcase to provide a national index of financial distress (below), you can use it to bring information to life, to persuade and campaign, to attract web traffic and to help make decisions.


A live Geofutures Mapcase as used by Which? Consumer Insight

It’s easy to implement a Mapcase, choose the data you need and define how it’s visualised – for you. As you’d expect, there’s a lot going on in the background, but that’s our job.

What makes Mapcase different from a DIY data map is the support you get in designing the perfect Mapcase: the data, the analysis and the way it’s presented for your users. Then there’s the seamless ease of publishing it online and maintaining it.

These are the things which set apart professional data visualization. Mapcase makes this support easy to obtain and the right results easy to achieve.