Data visualisation

You’re investing in data insight.
Don’t make the results a doorstop.

Where contextual data is needed to make a point, we’ll advise on how this can be presented for maximum legibility and impact at multiple scales.

Visualisation is more complex than you might think, but the right colours, symbology, zoom levels and default views can make your data full of impact and attractive to users.

Bring data out of the shadows and you’ve got something that will get noticed. Simply by visualising data on a map, you make it real for people. On a map, the people you want to influence can see the same patterns and trends you can see.

Do a bit more, like making maps interactive and searchable, add some analysis to raw data and provide some commentary, and you’ve got a business asset. It helps make your audience take notice.

A great-looking map, highlighting your data, explaining your point, makes people stop and look. Even more importantly, it makes them play.

On a Mapcase they can zoom in, compare areas, click on active links. They see accompanying charts and metadata. They ask questions and make comments.

Want me to read something?
Or do you want me to get involved?

This is your user getting engaged with your information. They are using your data map to share your views, and sharing their own. You might be building a community of interest. You might be building customer loyalty.

There are many ways to send somebody some information. There are fewer ways to get them immersed in it, asking questions, sharing with others and taking action.

A data map can look good. It can summarise complex information at a glance, highlighting what’s happening and where. It can enhance your reputation with a sleek, seamless view of your data.

Equally, it can look terrible. Free maps are free for a reason.  There’s a lot more to effective cartography than most people know, both statistically and artistically. Making it interactive and engaging takes more knowledge still.

Your map is so much more than a collection of points, and it needs the right expertise to make it tell your story

Data mapping makes the data you know about more meaningful. It can also reveal hotspots and relationships nobody suspected before.

Talisman research group- town centre performance exploratory analysis

Talisman research group- town centre performance exploratory analysis