Supporting communities vulnerable to Covid-19

The Coronavirus Covid-19 will affect all aspects of society, but some parts of our community are more vulnerable to its impact – among others, the elderly, low income households, and children who rely on free school meals to support their nutrition.

Charities and local authorities are now having to respond extremely quickly to a rapidly evolving crisis to support these vulnerable communities, often in the absence of solid information.

As part of our mission to provide relevant data to organisations making key policy decisions, Geofutures is publishing an interactive map of the UK showing the total numbers of elderly people at the neighbourhood level,  the location of supermarkets and major food banks, and also data on the number of free school meals provided school by school.

If there are any other datasets that you think should be added to this publicly accessible map resource, do let us know by replying to this blog. We will also be looking to update some of the older data (such as food banks) as soon as we can.

If it would be helpful to map some of your organisation’s data onto this backdrop in a secure password protected map (to show the location of charity volunteers for example) then please contact us.

In the coming days and weeks, we will be adding more data to the map so please do come back to view the changes.

If you want to save a view of the map for a particular scale and location, click the mapview  button in the top right of the map which gives a unique URL which you can then bookmark in your browser.

For example, this mapview shows the location of Trussell Trust food banks in London (in 2017), this mapview shows the location of the elderly in Glasgow, and this shows the number of children receiving free school meals in Bristol and Bath.

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