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Where could a data map take you?

A data map is the easiest way to see what’s going on in the world around you.

It helps you understand evidence. It helps you present an argument. It helps you make decisions.

That’s location insight, and it’s what Geofutures does. We use maps, data and analysis to help our clients answer questions and present arguments. Could we help you?

See a Geofutures data map on the Guardian Datablog

We help clients combine, analyse and map public, commercial and in-house data to reveal new insight.



We help you deliver insight via Mapcase, our simple data map sharing tool, which can be used securely within an organisation, or embedded in a public website.



We also work with data and information providers to maximise the value and accessibility of their offer, including creating new added-value data for sale.



Geofutures has strong domain knowledge in the fields of urban analysis, property and sustainability, but our work is relevant to any sector which uses economic, social, neighbourhood, opinion, consumer or customer data.

Contact Geofutures and tell us what location insight you need.

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