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Every organisation has data. Most need more data, better data, and more accessible data to help make the right decisions. That’s where we come in, with cost-effective, responsive online GIS tools and research.

Whether you’re exploring GIS (geographic information science) for the first time, or you already know how maps, data, analysis and data visualisation can work for your organisation, we hope we can help: take a look at what we do, check out what we’re up to, or give us a call.

Geofutures is a recognised authority on UK town centres and retail data. See our recent posts.

Mark Thurstain-Goodwin analyses shop vacancies for BBC News

Ex-Jessops stores have fared very differently in top-tier town centres compared with those struggling with their retail offer, Geofutures founder Mark explains.

Instant insight: interactive maps within your website

The Campaign for Fairer Gambling uses a Geofutures searchable map on the homepage of their Stop the FOBTs website.

Self employed by local authorityGrowth in self employment since 2001: not a plain vanilla picture

There’s more to Census self-employment figures than the West Country tourist trade. We analyse changes across England and Wales since 2001 to begin to find out what’s at work.

Channel 4 Dispatches uses Geofutures gambling analysis

Are our town centres filling up with bookmakers, and is there the potential for harm? Channel 4 Dispatches used our maps, data and spatial analysis to find out. See updates and programme link.

Our original study into GB gambling machine distribution is now the subject of a paper published in the Journal of Gambling Studies.



A static image from the Totnes and district foodshed mashup by GeofuturesGIS and food security

Geofutures, Transition, community foodsheds, food footprints and the modelling debate

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